Sustaining Members

One thing that makes One Equal Share so different is our focus on collaboration - at both the individual level AND the level of commerce.  We are very proud of our collaborative business and non-profit members.  They understand the power of Time Exchange and role they can play in strengthening our community.  They value their employees, they recognize the win-win in reciprocity, and they see how we all benefit when we work together.  We recognize our Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members in a number of ways:


See the Benefits from Businesses tab.  Here you will find articles, words of wisdom, and perhaps discounts or offers from our Sustaining Business Members.  Look for their names on materials at One Equal Share events and know they are supporting our Time Exchange in many ways.  Remember this when you have the opportunity to use their services outside of our Time Exchange.  And get to know their employees when you meet them at Time Exchange events and projects or in the course of your own exchanges. We are building community.


See the Opportunities to Help tab to learn about our Sustaining Non-Profit Members.  They too may offer articles, and words of wisdom.  Their role is to do good work in our community.  Would you like to help?  Before One Equal Share you may have had to limit your volunteer time because it was just that - volunteer time.  Now as Sustaining Members of One Equal Share, Non-Profits can post projects here and on our Calendar of Events; then you, our members, can find something you enjoy, help AND receive time dollars for your efforts.  It's another win-win.  And get to know the employees of our Sustaining Non-Profit Members when you meet them at Time Exchange events and projects or in the course of your own exchanges.  We are building community. 


Be sure to check these tabs often to take advantage of the offers and opportunities to share; and remember to thank our Sustaining Members when you see them.  They make our Time Exchange viable and sustainable.