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One Equal Share Interviewed on 'Possibilities'


One Equal Share's President and Founder Leslie Morpeth was interviewed by Dr. Adah Kennon on her show 'Possibilities' twice in January.  The Jan 22nd show covered a bit of background on Leslie, the beginnings of One Equal Share as Nevada's first Time Exchange, and what Time Exchange is all about.  She was invited to come back on the 29th to announce our short funding campaign on the crowd funding site Indiegogo [see article below], and was given additional time to review and expand upon information shared the week before.  If you'd like to hear our conversations, check out these links:  


Jan. 22, 2015:


Jan. 29, 2015: 


Thanks Adah!  

What a great way to get the word out about our Time Exchange!! 

Global Exchange Gathering 
Building Community Resilience Around the World
What Happened?...


It was 'Invigorating, productive, spectacular!' said attendee, and long time time banker Stephen Beckett of hOur World. 'Many bridges were built, new collaborations formed, information and resources shared!'  Dr. Edgar Cahn, known as the Father of Time Banking and founder of TimeBank USA, agreed to share map data so any potential member going to either that site or hOur World can find a time bank near them and get involved.  Plans were also initiated to create a clearing house so members of independent time banks on any platform can exchange services.  This will increase service options where an exchange need not be done in person, and will benefit members who travel or move from one location to another. 


The gathering, held July 31-Aug 3, 2014 at the Sheraton Providence Airport Hotel in Rhode Island, featured inspirational and informative speakers, panel presentations, open forum discussions, and interactive workshops.  Topics included: Time Banking, Transition Towns, Complimentary Currencies & Cooperative Practice.

New Member Jay Brice Comments on Edgar Cahn's Book

No More Throw-Away People



New Member Jay Brice wanted to know more about Time Exchange, how it started, and what it can do.  He borrowed Edgar Cahn's book No More Throw Away People from the One Equal Share lending library.  He's still reading, but recently posted these comments on One Equal Share's Facebook page to summarize some of the key points he's read so far.  We wanted to share them here too.  We'll follow his posts and share again as he has more to report.


This post addresses the question 'Why Time Dollars? What's the matter with 'real' money?'


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In the book, No More Throw Away People, by Edgar S. Cahn, the inventor of the Time Bank, he discusses his idea of a new form of currency, which he called, "Time Dollars." The idea was simple: one hour of one person's time would equal one hour of any other person's time. When you donated time to anyone in the system, you would receive a corresponding credit in the computer database keeping track of the time dollars. You would then be able to make a withdrawal against an equal number of time dollars no matter who they were credited to. In other words, having donated your services to Albert, you could withdraw an equal number of hours of service from Albert or Barney or Charlie, and/or Dave.


Mr. Cahn was troubling to find the proper answer to the question which was repeatedly being asked of him by some high powered economists: What could his time dollars do that 'real money' couldn't do better?


So he went to the London School of Economics, where he came to two realizations:


"The first breakthrough came when I understood their language enough to be able to put Time Dollars through a simple litmus test. Did the benefit of earning Time Dollars equal or exceed the cost of earning them? I learned that cost didn't just mean money, and benefit didn't just mean monetary gain either. At first it didn't seem possible that anyone would want to spend an hour earning funny money helping someone if they could use that time to earn real money at a real job. Once I understood that personal satisfaction and self-esteem can count in the benefit column, I was home free. If Time Dollars could increase the psychological reward sufficiently, then people would work for Time Dollars. Combining the psychological reward with purchasing power worth one hour gave Time Dollars a competitive advantage over volunteering. The two combined would make helping others pay on two levels: internal and external."


"The second breakthrough came as I learned more about money. It all boiled down to a very simple set of propositions. Money had certain characteristics. Each characteristic produced certain results. If you changed those characteristics, you would change the results. Therefore a new kind of money, if it was different from the old kind, could do different things. The new money might not replace the old kind, but I wasn't trying to get rid of money or replace it. I was trying to find a way to complement it. At the time, I just wanted to help address some needs and solve some problems that government didn't have enough money to solve."


One Equal Share is a growing Time Bank based here in Las Vegas but connected with other Time Banks around the country. If you join before the end of the year, they will waive the $35 fee. See how it can expand your sense of community as well as your sense of wealth and satisfaction.


It may not replace "real money" but when the economy based on "real money" collapses, this will be an important component of a new paradigm.


One Equal Share, a Time Exchange, is a member-based time bank. We are committed to building stronger, more vibrant community through time exchange and collaboration with individual, business and non-profit members. Embracing balance, accountability, reciprocity, and respect, we create new networks...

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Member's opinions are his own and do not necessarliy reflect the the opinions of One Equal Share.  One Equal Share utilizes software shared by other Time Banks around the country and has an open communication platform with them, but has no direct affiliation with other time banks.  The annual member fee for individuals and families joining One Equal Share is waived until 12/31/12.  Subsequent member rates are $35 and $55 respectively. 


Time Banking & the IRS
Time Banking & the IRS, Edgar Cahn
Time Banking and the IRS.doc
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TimeBank USA Video Clip


Here's another great 4-minute clip on the value of Time Exchange: