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Audio Interview with Edgar Cahn, Founder of Time Banking
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NBC Report: Lehigh Valley Community Exchange
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Common Misperceptions about Time Exchange

(Part 1)


Most people like the idea of Time Exchange.  They say 'What a great idea!' and 'That's the way things were where I grew up.' Naturally I invite them to join in.  They look over this website, and even 'Like' the regular posts on our Facebook page. ...But I don't see their applications.  As I check back with people I talk to I've found a common thread of misperceptions. 


#1 - I have a busy life.  I don't have time for Time Exchange.

Time Exchange isn't about adding stress to your life; it's about rethinking the way you already do things and creating new support systems. Do you already shop for groceries? Get your hair cut or massage? Take friends to the airport? Have your taxes done? Cook a meal? Teach a class? With Time Exchange you do those things you enjoy, and allow others to do for you those things you enjoy less. Members become happier doing the things they love.


#2 - Time Exchange is another commitment.

Time Exchange is about involvement and creating community, but there is no big commitment.  To be considered an active member of our Time Exchange requires only that you log in 6 exchange hours in an entire year!  If you want to offer only 1/2 hour each month that is fine.  If you want to do 6 hours on a single Saturday afternoon, that is fine too.  We hope that as you begin to experience Time Exchange that you will enjoy more exchanges, but that is wholly up to you.  And the annual membership fee?  Totally affordable: $30 for an individual, $55 for a family.


#3 - Everyone will want my [popular service].

Members always have the right to say 'No', or to limit the number of hours they will offer in a month for a particular service.  And as our membership grows there will be many people offering [popular service].  Members will have choices.


#4 - I don't have anything I could offer that anyone would want.

Time Exchange doesn't have to involve anything you might buy in the traditional market economy.  What do you enjoy doing? Arts? Sports? Organizing? Listening? Shopping? Driving? Tutoring? Everyone has value. We'll help you find your gift.


#5 - I work all day at [service] and I really don't want to, or can't, offer [same service] outside of my business. 

Services offered in Time Exchange don't have to have anything to do with a members career. 


I hope these will give you a start.  Watch for more to come in Part 2.  Or if I've already addressed your concern, join us!  Start your application here:  Member Application




Leslie Morpeth, Founder

One Equal Share



Common Misperceptions about Time Exchange

(Part 2)


In our previous article we listed 5 common misperceptions about Time Exchange.  Here are a few more... 


#6 - Time Exchange is about exchanging services for time. Why does One Equal Share need money?

It is true that exchanges are about service, and that exchanges are not tied to any dollar amount; but that is a separate issue from the business of operating a Time Exchange. Whether a non-profit or not, the business of a Time Exchange is to encourage, enable, and foster neighborliness and to build community. This isn't done by simply by connecting members for service exchanges on a website. It takes a helpful, supportive staff and an organization that can create opportunities for members to get involved, and to get to know one another. One Equal Share creates the space for members to rebuild support networks, and a strong and valuable sense of community.


#7 - Time Exchange ...that's like barter right?

Time Exchange is different than barter. With barter I sell to or do something for you that is worth a specific dollar amount, and you better do or give something to me worth the same dollar amount - and within a specific time frame. With Time Exchange I do something for you, you do something for someone else, they do something for someone else. You may never do anything for me. Plus what I do for you may be worth $50 in the traditional market economy; what you do for the next person may be worth $25 or $225. It's all done in the spirit of neighborliness - for time, not dollar value. We do what we love, and share our talents.


#8 - Time Exchange sounds like a good idea, but can it really work?

Time Exchange has been around since the mid-1980’s, and longer by some accounts. It is practiced in more than 30 states and more than 30 countries. There are hundreds of thousands of recorded exchanges. The results are powerful. Studies have been done noting improved quality of life, improved relationships within community, greater self-esteem, improved property values, lower recidivism rates, ability for seniors to remain longer in their own homes, and the list goes on…


#9 – So what’s wrong with money?


Time Exchange isn’t intended to replace our market economy; rather it is designed to be a complementary system. And Time Exchange has been found to solve a number of community ills at a fraction of the cost of government and other programs.


# 10 – But my [skill or service] is worth $Big Bucks in the market economy. How am I going to get equal value through Time Exchange?


People from all walks of life and from all professions have participated in Time Exchange. I once heard a story of a highly paid doctor who exclaimed ‘Are you kidding? I’d pay anybody anything to take my mother-in-law shopping!’ - -

Someone else would love to do that! Plus his mother-in-law could have a new friend, and now the doctor has that extra time to do what he loves – healing people. Think too how many professionals offer services pro bono or at deep discounts. Through Time Exchange these professionals are actually allowing others to give back by sharing of their talents in the community as well. …As for you, you may discover a whole new kind of ‘compensation’ (learning something new, benefits of ‘goodwill’ in your community, new and better relationships, the value of co-operation, inspiration through collaboration…). Once you start letting the wheels turn, the possibilities are endless.


I hope we've addressed many of your concerns.  If you missed it, please also see Part 1 of this article in our Archives.  You might also like to review our FAQ's - or contact us if you'd still like to know more.  Or simply, join us and experience Time Exchange for yourself!  Start your application here:  Member Application




Leslie Morpeth, Founder

One Equal Share


'Lend Me a Tenor' at Spring Mountain Ranch

One Equal Share's September

GTKY Event - That was Fun!


One Equal Share's September [2015] Getting-to-Know-You was a special event. We were a small group, but we has a GREAT time! "Lend Me a Tenor' at Spring Mountain Ranch played to a sold out crowd.  The weather couldn't have been nicer.  The play was a great laugh.  The stars were brilliant. ...and even the wild burros made an appearance.


Our next GTKY Potlucks and events will posted on the Calendar page of this website soon, so check back often, and be sure to mark your calendar to attend.   Every GTKY event is different and provides an opportunity for members to reconnect, and for all of us to meet new members and guests.  You might even meet the perfect person for your next exchange!  RSVP as a courtesy to our hosts: We'll email the location details a few days before the event.  We'd love to get to know you too!  


Psst...And now our GTKY events are even better: not only can members earn time credit for hosting, prep and clean up time, but attending members' time is valued too.  Members will now earn time credit for their valuable participation.  And if you're a guest who would like to join, ask about our Rewards Certificates.  Everyone wins!  How cool is that?  :-D

Help!  One Equal Share Needs Your Support


We need your support!  One Equal Share has launched a funding campaign on It's one of the new crowd funding sites that lets people from anywhere in the world support causes and ideas they believe in.  At One Equal Share we've dedicated thousands of hours to getting the word out and creating the infrastructure for growth of Nevada's 1st Time Exchange.  We have big plans and big next steps on the agenda.  Be our bridge!  


Time banks are growing successfully in many other parts of the country. Take a look at what they're doing and saying about their time bank in Long Beach, CA.  We want a vibrant and thriving Time Exchange here in Las Vegas!!    


All contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated, but we only have until February 28, 2015!  Open your heart.  Check us out.  Give.  And share our link with your friends and fans on your email list or your favorite social media sites.  Find us at:

One Equal Share Shares our Story at

Centenniel Hills Active Adult Center


The word is getting out about our Time Exchange...and we've just done it again.  We had an information table at Centenniel Hills Active Adult Center, 6601 N. Buffalo Dr., Las Vegas in May and were given classroom space for a program in June.  We just held our 2nd class on Nov. 12th from 9AM-11AM.  Attendees learned a little more about who we are and how Time Exchange works.  They saw a couple of short, but inspiring video clips of Time Exhange communities in other areas that demonstrate how their time and services can be valued too. One attendee was especially excited about what we are doing and plans to share our Time Exchange with friends and family.  That's how we grow, and that's how our Time Exchange will become more valuable to us all!  If you'd like to know more, please contact us at; we're happy to answer any of your questions.  Feel free to meet check out one of our monthly Getting-to-Know-You Potlucks too (See our Calendar page); it's a nice way to meet some of our members in person. 


Time Exchange  benefits from our diversity, and becomes more powerful as we grow.  It's true: The more, the merrier!

One Equal Share at Pinecrest Academy


One Equal Share hosted an information table at Pinecrest Academy's Open House Events in Henderson, NV Fri. Aug 22nd and again on Thurs. Sept. 4th. Pinecrest Academy is a charter school for grades K-12 located in Henderson, NV.  One Equal Share gave out more than 200 of our 'What is Time Exchange?' brochures, and answered questions from interested parents and staff.  Many requested additional information.  


Special thanks to members Al and Jeri for coming out to help and for sharing their experiences with our Time Exchange; and to Principal Dr. Carrie Buck for her interest and the invitation.  She has made some great new changes at the school that are sure to benefit the more than 900 students they serve.  We look forward to getting to know more of the parents, students, and staff at Pinecrest Academy and sharing the power of Time Exchange!  :-)

One Equal Share Receives Grant!!!    


Yehaaa! Our September 2013 Getting-to-Know-You Potluck Saturday was an extra special event. Two reps from Royal Neighbors' Nation of Neighbors program showed up Ed McMahon style. They brought balloons and a giant check for us!!! The Nation of Neighbors program supports women with vision and great business ideas. Leslie Morpeth and One Equal Share were one of their top 4 picks this year! They'll be sending press releases to local media too. It was a fun day shared with some 18 of our members and guests! - See more at:



Fixing the Future Trailer - 40 New movie 'Fixing the Future' includes Time Exchange (also called Time Banking or Community Exchange) as a tool to rebuild our communities.

US Bank at S. Ft. Apache

One Equal Share Selected as Business Partner

of the Week at US Bank!


One Equal Share was selected as Business Partner of the Week by the Peccole Ranch Office of US Bank on W. Charleston.  Starting August 5th, and extended through Labor Day weekend, you will find applications and our 'What is Time Exchange?' informational brochures available in their lobby.  Stop by! 


One Equal Share was previously selected as Business Partner of the Week at US Bank branches at Hualapai & DI, and S. Ft. Apache in Las Vegas.


One Equal Share Selected 

Business Partner of the Week at US Bank Branches!


One Equal Share has been selected as Business Partner of the Week again by the UNLV Branch of US Bank for several weeks from September through November 2014.  Our poster and information were prominently displayed for easy viewing by students and customers of this busy branch near the food court.  We were also Business Partner of the Month for the month in October 2014 at the US Bank East Tropicana Office (at I-95).  We are grateful to these and other US Bank branches that have promoted our young organization at their locations:  Sloan and Charleston location inside Albertsons in Sept. 2014, the UNLV branch for several weeks running from early March through the first part of May 2014; and the Hualapai & DI, S. Ft. Apache near Tropicana, and the Piccole Ranch Office on W. Charleston between July and September of 2013.  We're getting the word out!  Thank you US Bank!!

One Equal Share Exceeds Membership Goal for our Pilot Program!

Wow! 50 people took advantage of our offer for a 1-year complimentary membership to our new Time Exchange in Las Vegas - bringing total membership now to 65.  And the fun is just beginning.  As we get to know each other better and take advantage of all the talent and services we already have in our group, we'll see a ripple of wonderful side effects - feelings of support, a new sense of community, receiving services we need or enjoy, and sharing joy in doing things we love.   Our goal is to create more of the same; and although our complimentary offer has ended membership is still very affordable - just $30/year for individuals and $55/year for families.  We'll be talking to businesses and non-profits in our area too to show them how their involvement helps us all. 


NPR talks about Time Banking

- Beyond Bartering: Banking On Community Connections  


NPR talked with Dr. Edgar Cahn about Time Banking.   Listen to the audio or read the transcript.

Ten New Members Join to Start our Pilot Program

We are thrilled about the interest the community is showing in our organization. Last month, ten neighbors joined to work toward improving our community. We can't wait to get to know them a little better during our upcoming exchanges.