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What Wikipedia says about Timebanks

Yahoo! Posts Article about Time Exchange


Did you see the post about Time Exchange on Yahoo! Monday, June 23, 2014?  It was titled 'We Make Ends Meet Without Money"  If not, check it out.  Here's the link:  If the Yahoo! link is no longer active, try:

All*You - Real Women Who Inspire Us.  Real Women's Stories: We Make Ends Meet Without Money


Impact of Time Exchange


Community Connections TimeBank posted the results of its research study on the impact of time banking on its membership.  Results were powerful and included:


* 98% Reported that they were able to use their skills to help others

* Improved Health and Access to Services (physical, mental, access to            services, getting information they need, willingness to ask for help)

* Financial Savings

* Increased Socialization

* Increased Trust and Sense of Belonging to their Communities

* Improved Quality of Life


For details see: TimeBank Outcome Study Executive Summary.pdf


Ideas That Provide Solutions for Our World


Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money, and Jacqui Dunne, award winning journalist and Co-Author of Rethinking Money (with Bernard Lietaer) speak at Dane County Time Bank 2013.  


They start with the idea that money isn't a unit of value, but rather an agreement for exchange. They then addresses solutions for health care, cash flow issues for small businesses & unemployment, and more. Time Exchange is mentioned, but is not the sole focus of the talk.  It's worth the hour of your time.

A Declaration of Interdependence


'A Declaration of Interdependence' is part of a larger project "Let it Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change." We thought you might enjoy this 4 minute video.


ENGAGE is another short video from Let it Ripple.  Enjoy it.  

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