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Getting-to-Know-You Potluck Events


Our Getting-to-Know-You Potluck (GTKY) Events are open to members and guests. Members earn time credit for participating, and those who offer a service that can be demonstrated are encouraged to provide samples :-)


RSVP to: Info@1EqualShare.com as a courtesy to our hosts...and remember to invite your friends.  We'll confirm by email with the specific address a few days before the event.



Date: Sun. Dec. 17, 2017

Time: 2:00PM-5:00PM

Location:  Near Jones & Carl Rd


We'll be decorating pre-made gingerbread houses.  Be sure to RSVP so we have plenty of supplies.  Guests are always welcome :-)



Check back soon for dates for our  January & February GTKY event dates!  




Orientation Dates


Orientation is offered by invitation only to new members who have completed the application process, including all reference checks.  Orientation is required of all members before membership is activated and access is granted to the exchange portion of our site.  This protects member privacy and ensures members have the same understanding of rights, responsibilities, core values, courtesies, policies and procedures.  We also cover how to access and use the exchange site.


The Orientation requirement can now be met using our new YouTube training in 4 easy 15-min segments.  New members receive 2 hours of time credit for completing Orientation, and setting up your own profile page and offers.  Contact us at: Info@1EqualShare.com if you would like to arrange for a group or personal Orientation.  Dates can be added based on availability and interest.