Becoming a Member - Individuals & Families

Individuals & families are the heart of time exchange.  It is our willingness to share our time and talents with others that develops our strengths, and creates healthy, vibrant community. 


Time Exchange teaches us that giving and receiving are equally important.  Participating on both sides of the teeter totter means both parties feel valued, respected, and supported; while also developing a sense of responsibility, accountability, and reciprocity within the community.  It is therefore important, and empowering, to both give & receive. 


Time Exchange is inclusive.  All ages, races, creeds, cultures, and socio-economic levels are encouraged to participate.  Our diversity makes us interesting.  Our diversity brings a variety of talents and skills to the pool of exchange opportunities that are available to us all.  Our diversity enhances our creative potential, and builds community.  Our exchange software can even be translated into multiple languages to facilitate exchanges within and between cultures. 


So how do you get started? 

  1. First, take the time to look over this website.  We are adding new information all the time.  See if you like what you see.  Talk to the person who referred you to find out why they're so excited about participating.  And feel free to contact us with questions. 
  2. Then, complete the Membership Application [to your left], include your annual fee - just $30/per person or $55/per family, and submit.  References are checked for all prospective members, and everyone is checked against the National Sexual Preditor List.  Those offering driving services are also checked against DMV records.  We may also call you with additional questions.  Sometimes this can all take about 3 weeks. 
  3. Once we've checked all the boxes, you are invited to an Orientation.  Orientation is mandatory for everyone.  We review our exchange software, discuss our principles and core values, review our policies and procedures, complete an Addendum to your application, and answer lots of questions.  And you get to know some of our other new members at the same time.
  4. Now you're ready to go.  Check out the exchange opportunities on our software, and add your own.  Then give it a try!  If you have questions along the way, we're here to help.