Becoming a Member - Businesses & Non-Profits

Collaborative relationships with our Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members are the life blood of One Equal Share.  Unlike traditional non-profit time banks, One Equal Share recognizes that the ideas of balance, reciprocity, and responsibility apply at the macro levels of community as well as the level of the individual exchange.  Collaboration means One Equal Share does not see itself, or the vital service it provides to the community, as charity.  Collaboration also means businesses and non-profits recognize the value that One Equal Share provides to the community, their business, and their employees.  Sustaining Business and Non-Profit Members commit to an annual membership fee based on the number of people they employ.


Sustaining Members are recognized on One Equal Share's website, at company events, and are given the opportunity to post comments, information, discounts and events on the site.  In addition, membership fees for employees of sustaining members are covered for the year.  Businesses may consider their sustaining membership as an employee benefit or perk, an advertising expense, and/or community goodwill.  Non-profits receive all these benefits, and may now be able to offer a sort of 'volunteer benefit' as members earn Time Dollars for 'volunteer' service.  One Equal Share is a valuable partner.  Finally, foundations look favorably on non-profits that act in collaboration with others.  Becoming a sustaining member may enable non-profits to qualify for additional grant monies.


Collaboration leads to stronger, more vibrant, more prosperous community.  Collaboration is a win-win for us all.   Please contact us at to learn how becoming a Sustaining Business or Non-Profit Member can benefit you. 



[This information is not to be considered as tax or legal advice.  Please seek appropriate counsel when considering your Sustaining Membership.]