Our Director

Before the founding of our Time Exchange, Leslie Morpeth owned and operated a financial planning practice for 24 years.  She has also been involved in a number of community-based and non-profit organzations through her career.  Most recently Leslie has been active with Shared Hope International as an Ambassador of Hope, and in the Women's Leadership Council - part of United Way of Southern Nevada.  Leslie has organized and managed large and small projects alike.  She enjoys taking ideas from inception and planning through implementation and follow-up.  Leslie is skilled at working with people from all walks of life.  She is very excited about the benefits that One Equal Share and Time Exchange  bring to our community.

Social Architect

Louie Kimbrough is a man of many talents.  A resident of Las Vegas for more than 30 years Louie knows our community and has seen it grow through many changes.  Louie has owned and operated successful businesses from communications, to construction, to a coffee roasting company.  He is a founding father of the JamBand Society of America, an organization that brings original and improvisational music to Southern Nevada and across the nation.  Louie’s true passion is to create, construct, and live in a sustainable economic environment, and to teach others to do the same.  He sees Time Exchange as an important component of these ideas.  Louie helps One Equal Share with membership, planning, and technical support.

Our Coordinator

Are you outgoing?  Enjoy connecting with people?  One Equal Share is looking for someone who can offer 3-5 hours of service a week to our Time Exchange for time credit.  You'll 

  • remind members about upcoming Getting-to-Know-You Potlucks and events,
  • help connect members looking for specific exchanges, 
  •  help new members with log in and set up questions or help them enter their information into our members-only exchange site.  

You should be comfortable making phone calls, and using a computer.  Social media and texting skills are a plus.  Willing to train.  Please contact Leslie at: Admin@1EqualShare.com 

Our Advisory Circle

Dennis Palmerston


Dennis holds a BS in Aeronautical Engineering.  He has had a long and successful career in corporate America; from Systems Engineer with IBM, to EVP of MIS Information Systems, Inc., and President of DCP Consulting, Inc.  Dennis developed and applied his problem solving and people skills to Product Development, Sales, Marketing, Management and Corporate Structure.  


Dennis believes that the true value and meaning in life comes from people helping people.  He says 'When one individual helps another in any way the whole world becomes a better place.'  Dennis is excited about working with One Equal Share and moving this important and beneficial organization forward.  



Our Teams

Earn time dollars while helping our Time Exchange excel in our community.  Each team deals with one particular issue or goal. Teams are a great way to focus your talents and participate in a part of the organization that you enjoy.  Being part of a team also gives you the opportunity to become active, learn a new skill, or demonstrate leadership.
PR Team
Do you have a talent or interest in marketing and publicity?  This team helps to make our organization better known. Members of our PR Team can assist with Ambassador tasks and outreach, and/or put together posters, fliers, social media or other promotional opportunities.  The PR Team helps to put our best foot forward to the community and the local press.

Events Team

Do you like to organize and coordinate events, or want to help?  This is the team for you.  Our regular 'Getting-to-Know You' potlucks are an important component of Time Exchange.  But that's just the start...  Let's see how creative we can be.


Funding Team

Do you know how to write grants?  Do you like raising money or just want to learn how?  This is the team for you. Grant writing is a talent we are looking for.  Money can be raised for the benefit of One Equal Share to open new venues for service, and for our Sustaining Non-Profit Members to help them stay involved.  It is one way we can give back.   This team could also collaborate with the Events Team to find sponsors for fundraisers.  Isn't collaboration great!?!


If you are interested in working with one of our teams, just send us a quick note at Info@1EqualShare.com