Our Logo

Our logo depicts two people exchanging the gift of their time and talent.  Because there is balance we are not able to tell who is the giver and who is the receiver.  The exchange is wrapped in a circle that can represent oneness, inclusiveness, a clock - for the idea of time exchange, and even a plate - representing our regular 'Getting-to-Know-You Potlucks. The image also appears as a smiling face. Time Exchange brings joy into peoples lives. One Equal Share: Think Oneness, Equality, and Sharing. 


Our logo was designed by senior students Arnulfo Sadang and Erik Perez of Las Vegas' Southeast Career and Training Academy (SECTA).  Related designs created by the students will be used for pins, buttons, and marketing.  We are grateful to them for their creative inspiration and to Tony Kyriacou, Graphic Design Instructor at SECTA. 



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