Honor Roll

Meet the most important supporters and leaders of our organization.


Ted & Bonnie E.
Ted & Bonnie understood the power and potential of Time Exchange from the point they first heard the idea. Following their personal guidance they were the first to step up to provide seed money for our Time Exchange, and to start asking friends to do the same. We will always be grateful for their leadership and initiative.

Dr. Hadiza Hamza

Hadiza believes in the mission of One Equal Share.  It is a way of life in her home country of Nigeria and she wants to help to make it a reality here.  Hadiza says 'This is such a valuable resource for our valley.'  We say 'Thank you for your leadership, Hadiza.' Your financial contribution is another step towards making it happen.  You have our gratitude!


This Founding Member and Sponsor was looking for something to do after having retired.  She was getting bored at home so she became a member, and her extra financial support of One Equal Share has helped to make our vision a reality.  She has found her new calling and is currently one of the most important members of the organization.


This Friend and Sponsor of One Equal Share is a successful businessman from Las Vegas who believes in spending a part of his wealth on social matters. Many of our projects would not be possible without his help.

Many Thanks to the Contributors

of our 1st Indiegogo Campaign!  

We are grateful for your support.


Jason T.

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Michele StP

Leslie M.

Taiya T.

Marlene L.

Christine W.