Core Values


Assets:  We all have talents.  We all have strengths.  We are all assets.  Everyone has something to offer that contributes to the strength of our community.  Everyone has value.  


Equality:  Equality is at the heart of every time exchange.  One hour of service equals one hour of credit, or one time dollar. 


Reciprocity:  Time exchange is a two-way street. Giving and receiving are equally important; there is no neediness. Accountability and reciprocity create balance. 


Redefining Work:  The work of building community is beyond price.  Work is redefined to include activities that recognize and support the value of individuals and families, create healthy neighborhoods and communities, make our democracy more effective, and advance social justice.  We honor and reward this work through giving and receiving of our time and talents. 


Respect:  Everyone matters.  By engaging with others from an attitude of interest and respect we learn and grow; we develop new friendships and community strengthens. 



One Equal Share, a Time Exchange,

is committed to Building Community –

Member to Member

Neighborhood to Neighborhood

Friend to New Friend

Business and Non-Profit

We act in collaboration to support a strong and vibrant network

Of the People that make up our Home.

We all have talents.

We all have value.

We make our community better by helping each other.