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1=1:  One hour of service earns you one hour of credit!  You can

use your credits or accumulate hours for something you want or enjoy.

One Equal Share is entering its 5th year in the Las Vegas Valley.  We are grateful to all of our members for helping to make Time Exchange a reality, and look forward to continued growth in the year ahead.  The more we grow, the more we all benefit. We share and support each other with simple acts of neighborly service, and by sharing our time and talents doing things we love to do anyway.  


Our members also note their reason for joining isn't just the opportunity to exchange services, but to create new relationships and trusting friendships.  We are creating a new sense of community.  


One Equal Share Talk at UNLV - Update

***Update:  LV WORCS found a new location on campus for our presentation.  You'll find us at the Houssels House AKA the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) building - same date & time.  Park in the adjacent Z Lot or any available metered parking.***


LV WORCS has invited One Equal Share to come out and talk about Time Exchange. Dennis Palmerston and Leslie Morpeth will be there to share the story of how Time Exchange is growing across the country, what it can do for us in Las Vegas, and how anyone can get involved. We'll be at: UNLV, in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Bldg, Rm 1010 at 6PM on Monday, May 9th (see: http:/www.unlv.edu/maps/campus/RWC ) We'll plan on about an hour, but are happy to stay longer to answer any additional questions. If you'd like to know about Time Exchange, join us. It's FREE.

Time Exchange is Growing Across the US

Wow! A recent post by hOur World indicates there are now more than 43, 750 members in more than 650 communities across the US that have provided and received more than 2,158, 250 hours of service!! Check out the map at: www.hourworld.org.  


One Equal Share is doing our part in Nevada.  Join us!


Benefits of Membership


Have you considered all the benefits of membership?  Have the wheels started turning?  Here's what we hear about Time Exchange from members of time banks across the country:


  • Members feel valued
  • Members are happier and less stressed
  • Members get needs met without neediness or guilt
  • Members try new things
  • Budgets go further
  • Unemployed and underemployed, young and old stay active and involved
  • Members make new friends and build trusted new relationships
  • Busy people get support and can find themselves with new free time
  • Members offer services they enjoy doing and take pride in, and allow others to help them with things they find rewarding


Members are always in control of the amount of time or services they participate in, but there is also no restriction on the number of exchanges they choose to benefit from.  Individuals, families, businesses, non-profits, professionals, homemakers, retirees, and ...well anyone, can benefit from Time Exchange.  Check out our Member Perks too.  [There will be more as we grow.]   


Join us.  Experience Time Exchange for yourself.  It can change your life! 



Getting-to-Know-You Events
Everyone knows that a great way to get to know people is over a meal, so at One Equal Share we try to get together once a month for a Getting-to-Know-You (GTKY) Potluck.  It's a great way for members to know each other better and for guests to find out about our Time Exchange.  Each event is hosted by a member so locations vary, and hosts are encouraged to make the event their own.  Some of our GTKY events have been in parks or club houses, others in member's homes.  We've had a couple of pool parties, helped to celebrate a special day, and once we had a picnic out at Spring Mountain Ranch while enjoying a performance of 'Lend Me a Tenor'.  Our GTKY events are optional, but large or small, each event is fun; and each gives members a chance to reconnect and (possibly) meet their next best exchange.  
Oh yes, and because we're all about valuing our time attendees earn time credit for coming too!  We're all about neighborly service and building community.  Join us!   See our calendar page for posted dates, and RSVP  to Info@1EqualShare.com for details.

Spotlight on (Your Business Here)



When your business becomes a Sustaining Business Member it's a win-win-win - for your company, for your employees, and for One Equal Share.  Contact us at: 702.635.9001 or Admin@1EqualShare.com to find out more.  



Spotlight on (Your Non-Profit Here)



Let One Equal Share promote your non-profit organization.  Become a Sustaining Member!  Contact us at: 702.635.9001 or Admin@1EqualShare.com for more information.

Wish List


Edgar Cahn, the Father of Time Banking, once said 'Some things are beyond price.' He was talking about Time Banking (what we call Time Exchange) and what it takes to build healthy communities.  One Equal Share - A Time Exchange - is just getting started. Its true that individual exchanges are based only on members' time, but our organization still has needs and expenses.  Can you help?  Here is our Wish List:


Printing and/or Copying (Brochures, business cards, and New Member kits)

HP 932 (Black) & 933 (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) Printer Ink 

Laptop or tablet to use at off-site Orientations & presentation to

   potential Sustaining Members

Financial Gifts to cover Licensing fees, Training, Supply & Tech. Expenses

  (Will you be part of our Honor Roll?)

Legal support for Time Dollar Credit


All Gifts are gratefully apreciated.  Contact us at: Share@1EqualShare.com or click on our 'Share Now' button to contribute by PayPal.     




One Equal Share

Building Community


Gifts to One Equal Share are not tax deductible nor a capital contribution.

One Equal Share is Building Community


Need help?

Have time or talent to offer?

Join One Equal Share! 

Individuals, Families, Businesses & Non-Profits welcome


Come and experience the value of Time Exchange for yourself.   See a sampling of services we'd like to include in the sidebar to the right - but its just a sampling, all services are valued.  Start your application on the Become a Member tab or contact us to find out more.  


Join us!  The more, the merrier!!


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If you are a reader of Facebook, be sure to check out our page.  We're updating information all the time.  'Like' us often, and add your own comments about Time Exchange and building community on our wall. Have you had your own experience with Time Exchange? Post that too.

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